Penny Brohn UK Gift Box 'Happy' (NEW Collection)


Our 'Happy' Gift Box contains a selection of some of our favourite products available from our online shop to help spread a little happiness.

Treat yourself or send to someone who will enjoy this box, put together with love from our team at Penny Brohn UK

Each item has been specially selected to help lift your mood and create feelings of calm and positivity, packaged in a made-to-measure recyclable gift box with lilac tissue paper.

Any bodycare products we stock have been selected because they are kind to sensitive skin, eco-friendly, naturally sourced and vegan friendly *some products in our wider range do contain honey



The Little Book of Happiness by Miriam Akhtar

You Are Amazing - a little book of quotes to remind you every day

Amour Natural 'Happiness' Oil Pulse Point Roller Ball

Amour Natural Happiness wax melts

Salt of the Earth Melon & Cucumber natural deodorant body spritz

Eco Stardust Purple Biodegradable Glitter

Pukka Joy box of 20 Teabags


Amour Natural 'Happiness' Oil is made with a blend of Bergamot, Coconut Oil, Grapefruit, Lime and Geranium to stimulate your senses and brighten your day, and can be applied to pulse points like a perfume.

'Happiness' scented wax melts for use in a burner disperse an uplifting scent throughout the room and leave a pool of natural petals as they dissolve, so beautiful!

Salt of the Earth's zesty Melon & Cucumber natural deodorant spritz is a vibrant, fun scent to brighten your day, use it at the gym, at home, whenever you need a little lift!

Eco Stardust produce gorgeous biodegradable glitters and we LOVE this purple shade, we had to pop a pot in with the gift box to help you sparkle and spread a little bit of fabulous wherever you go!

Pukka Joy organic herbal tea is naturally caffeine free, made with naturally sourced ingredients:

Lemon Balm – Packed with essential oils to boost mood and promote clear thinking.

Orange – A zesty, uplifting and fragrant fruit. In aromatherapy, citrus essential oils are used to enhance mood.

Lemongrass - An uplifting tonic that supports the digestion and nervous system. When used in a clinical study, lemongrass aroma reduced anxiety.

Lemon Vana Tulsi - A relative of holy basil, which is expected to share mood uplifting and anti-anxiety effects. When used in clinical trials, tulsi improved the symptoms of stress (such as exhaustion and sleep problems), anxiety and low mood.

Bergamot – An uplifting essential oil with anxiety-reducing effects.

Licorice Root – A perfect plant for stressful modern-day living. Licorice is naturally sweet and is traditionally used for rejuvenation and nourishing the nervous system.

Rose - A herb traditionally used to uplift and support emotional wellbeing. Rose extract is known by herbalists as a ‘hug in a bottle’ due to its mood-lifting effects.

Lavender – A herb well known for its calming effects, with its relaxing essential oils.

Lemon Verbena – Clinical evidence supports the use of both lavender and lemon verbena in reducing anxiety.

Pukka Teas come in biodegradable and recyclable packaging.


The box includes a card with information about the contents but if you would like to add an additional message please email details to when you have completed your purchase and we can include a personalised note - please add a small donation at the checkout to cover this service if you can.

We hope you enjoy this box or send it to someone else who will.