Seven Ways to Build Resilience - Christopher Johnstone

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 Learn how to bounce back from setbacks, stress and challenging times.

Resilience is the ability to cope with and recover from difficult situations. It includes our capacity to make the best of things, deal with stress and rise to the occasion. We all have this ability, though not always as much as we'd like. This engaging, practical book draws together scientific understanding, real life examples and proven methods in describing how you can develop seven essential skills that help your resilience grow.

Dr Chris Johnstone is one of the UK's leading resilience trainers and has been teaching resilience skills for over 30 years, pioneering the role of resilience training in mental health promotion, coaching practice and the workplace.

This self-help guide includes a toolkit of resources for emotional first aid; techniques for storyboarding your life and seeing positive pathways you can take; practical strategies and insights for dealing with tough times; skills for thinking flexibly and creative problem solving; a science-based system that helps the gains you make 'stick'.