AURA QUE Eco Banana Yarn Unisex Scarf - Mustard Yellow


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Aura Que vegan, fair trade and eco-friendly accessories.

Made from banana yarn, this scarf has a natural texture.

Sustainable banana fibre is produced from the waste foliage of banana plants in Southern Nepal, providing an extra income to rural farmers.

Axo-free dyes are only used for the banana fibre.

Banana fibre is vegan and a great alternative for those who suffer wool allergies.

Small imperfections occur in the weave due to the rustic handweaving process and add character to each individually crafted piece.

Aura Que have been working with Deepchand's workshop in Bhaktapur, Nepal for over a decade. The workshop employs local women who work flexible hours near their homes enabling them to earn an income around their family commitments.