Food Glorious Food by Patrick Holford & Fiona McDonald Joyce

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Food GLorious Food is not a traditional cookbook, it is a celebration of the ingredients that can help us all eat a healthier diet. All of the recipes are both delicious and exciting and have the added bonus of being low GL too which means you can enjoy meals that are both deeply satisfying and health enriching.

Combining Patrick Holford's expert nutritional knowledge with Fiona McDonald Joyce, who specialises in healthy food that doesn't compromise on taste, Food GLorious Food is packed with dishes that will impress both family and friends without the need to resort to overly complex techniques, creamy sauces and sugar-laden concoctions. Filled with everything from curries to roasts and gluten-free brownies, good food is firmly back on the menu. This book is essential for anyone who wants to feel and look healthier and boost their energy levels, without disappointing their taste buds.

About the author:
Patrick Holford is a pioneer in new approaches to health and nutrition. He founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London in 1984 which is Europe's leading training centre for nutritional therapists, is Chief Executive of the Food for the Brain Foundation and the author of over 30 books. Patrick is widely regarded as Britain's best-selling author and a leading spokesman on nutrition and mental health issues and is frequently involved in government campaigns and debates concerning optimum nutrition.
Fiona McDonald Joyce is a nutritional therapist and cookery consultant.