Pharma Nord Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold 100mg - 60 gel capsules

Co-enzyme Q10 is an antioxidant involved in energy production which may be beneficial for those with low energy, and can also support cardiovascular function.

Co-enzyme Q10 levels decrease with age, and are depleted by intense physical exercise or illness. Coenzyme Q10 levels are also depleted in patients prescribed cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Also known as ubiquinone this is a vitamin like substance which plays a vital role in the body's energy supply mechanism, acting in conjunction with enzymes to convert sugars and fat into energy. It Q10 is also important as an antioxidant within the body.

One capsule to be taken daily or as directed

Please be aware that antioxidant supplements in particular, and many other dietary supplements, can interfere or interact negatively with cancer treatment and other medications. We advise not taking them during cancer treatment without individual professional advice. Please check with your healthcare professional about safe supplement use.