The Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell

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Joseph Campbell was arguably the greatest mythologist of our time and was certainly one of our greatest storytellers. In The Hero's Journey he recounts his quest and conveys the excitement of his life long exploration into our mythic traditions, which he has called the "one great story of mankind."

This lyrical and beautifully crafted book interweaves conversations with Campbell and some of the people that he inspired, including poet Robert Bly, filmaker David Kennard, anthropologist Angeles Arrien, Doors' drummer John Densmore, psychiatric pioneer Stanislav Grof and Nobel laureate Roger Guillemen, amongst others.

Photographs from Campbell's family archive provide a unique window into his world and enrich the book.

About the author: Joseph Campbell (1904 - 1987) was an American writer, lecturer and mythologist who was best known for his work in comparative mythology and religion. His work covers many aspects of the human experience and his philosophy is often summarized by his phrase 'Follow your Bliss'