The Cancer Whisperer by Sophie Sabbage


"Grief passes through our lives like a river through mountains or the flow of blood through our veins. It is emotional oxygen, as vital to our spiritual health and wellbeing as the air we breathe and the water we drink. It is our best, most appropriate response to regret, loss, bereavement, hurt, privation, disappointment and change. It is a bridge from the life we wanted or expected to live to the life we are actually living, the one riddled with out-of-the-blue setbacks and let downs.

Grief is essential to healing because it doesn't hold onto things. It lets them go. Grief releases and redeems me layer upon battered layer. My cancer needed me to grieve and I needed cancer to discover grief."

Sophie was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer in October 2014, and in has drawn on her wisdom, courage and tenacity to create her life anew.