NOURISH Book Bundle including The Golden Thread


All 3 Penny Brohn UK publications focused on nutrition PLUS a copy of The Golden Thread, a memoir written by co-founder of our charity and friend of Penny Brohn, Pat Pilkington - all at the discounted bundle price of £19.99!

This collection contains the Penny Brohn UK cookbook Nourish, our Whole Life 7-Day Recipe Plan and bite-size Healthy Eating Guidelines, plus a 40th Anniversary notepad for jotting down your favourite recipes & ideas!

In her memoir, The Golden Thread, Pat tells her story and shares her own spiritual journey; her deep exploration of faith and love, and what lies at the core of each human life, and each human death.

Whether you are undergoing treatment yourself, have opted to eat healthier as a preventative measure or are supporting someone through cancer, Nourish is an easy-to-prepare, custom-written culinary guide with over 70 recipes to follow and enjoy.

Good nutrition is vital for all of us, but for someone undergoing cancer treatment, side-effects can make food unappealing and eating often becomes a struggle.

In our Whole Life 7-Day Recipe Plan you will find delicious dishes that provide a daily balance of essential nutrients and other health-promoting compounds, plus serving suggestions and tips to help you incorporate this way of eating into your daily life.
These recipes have been developed by Head Chef Sarah Williams and her team, advised by the Nutritional Therapists at Penny Brohn UK

Our short Healthy Eating booklet offers an accessible overview of the health-giving properties of various foods, along with practical tips about how to use them, suggestions about foods to avoid and another collection of menu ideas.

We believe that healthy eating can be an exciting and hugely pleasurable experience, as well as one that promotes optimal health.

Please remember each individual is unique with their own personal nutritional requirements that depend, amongst other things, on genetic makeup, medical history, stage of treatment and current state of health, as well as tastes and preferences.

We hope you enjoy some of these meal and lifestyle suggestions, and enjoy incorporating them into your daily life.