Penny Brohn UK Relaxation CD - Relaxation to help you live well


Specially produced for Penny Brohn UK

In her work as an integrative cancer care specialist Katherine Loveday encourages people to make relaxation part of their everyday routine. Regular relaxation can help to reduce anxiety and stress and rebalance and replenish your energy.

This CD includes an introduction from Katherine and 4 guided sessions:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation - Taking time to bring awareness to all areas of the body can help release muscular tension and so ease stress and physical discomfort. It can also help the body calm down, unwind and rest which can be helpful if you are very tired or finding it difficult to sleep.

Guided Journey to the Sea - Guided imagery uses your creative imagination to help ease anxiety, stress and physical discomfort. This guided journey will encourage you to use all your senses, not just visual images, to help create a safe and unique experience to help you heal, relax and improve your sense of wellbeing

White Light Relaxation - This guided imagery focuses on white light moving through your body to help ease, calm and balance your mind and body. The white light can help clear your energy leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Breath Exercise - In this exercise we focus on the journey of the breath as it enters and leaves your body. The breath is a great way to bring your attention to your body and away from distracting thoughts, so helping to bring you to a calmer state, alleviate anxiety and balance your emotions.

Recorded by Katherine Loveday, Lead Nurse & Bodywork Therapist at Penny Brohn UK. Produced by Jo Phillips with music by Silencio.

During her nursing career Katherine specialised in cancer care, working in both acute and palliative care settings. She also trained in massage and reflexology.