The Inspirational Snack Book by Victoria Kubiak


Written by Penny Brohn UK Nutritional Therapist Victoria Kubiak

Convenience on a busy day, changing weather, making time to explore nature or share with friends, or simply using up leftovers, there are plenty of reasons why snacks are fun, satisfying, easy and necessary.

Mindful snacks, not mindless grazing, can be helpful in lifting your spirits and enriching you wellbeing. They don't need to be rushed and lacking nutrition, they can be enjoyed and savoured and made with as much care and respect as any main meal. 

Experienced Allery Therapist, Nutritional Counsellor and Cookery Demonstrator, Victoria encourages us to approach snack making with vibrancy and freedom, embracing colour and variety, to create dishes which will support our immune system whilst enjoying every mouthful!