EcoStardust Opal Shine Aphrodite Biodegradable Glitter (6g Tin)


We are really excited to be stocking EcoStardust's biodegradable glitter in our favourite Penny Brohn UK shades of purple!

EcoStardust mini 6g Tin means you take a little PBUK sparkle with you wherever you go!

This glitter is cosmetic grade and proven to biodegrade in the natural environment. 

  • Iridescent & Sparkly 
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Never tested on animals
  • Made from all natural plant-based materials


Use only approved cosmetic balms or adhesives 

Skin: Apply a small amount of EcoStardust balm or cosmetic adhesive to the desired area and then apply glitter on top. Remove with warm water and soap or use your normal makeup remover.

Hair: Apply hair gel to desired area and then apply the glitter on top. Remove with shampoo and water. 

 Product Information & Safety 

  • Suitable for hair, body, and face.
  • Do not apply to damaged or inflamed skin.
  • Not recommended for use around the eyes or for children under 3 years.
  • If the product gets into eyes, rinse with clean water, if problems persist then seek medical attention.
  • Although the glitter is free from the 14 most common food allergens, including gluten, we recommend performing a patch test before use. 
  • Cosmetic grade biodegradable glitter 
  • Soft and delicate on the skin (40% softer than conventional glitter 
  • Made from sustainably farmed non-GMO plant cellulose 
  • Suitable for Vegans 
  • Cruelty-free - never tested on animals 
  • Biodegradable in natural environments (marine, wastewater, soil etc.)
  • Certified for home composting 
  • EU/FDA cosmetic approval
  • Store away from direct sunlight