Natasha Clutterbuck Postcard Collection (set of 3)


Somerset based artist Natasha Clutterbuck created stunning floor-to-ceiling botanical murals for us at the Penny Brohn UK Hub in Bristol. She worked with a mix of charcoal, oils and earth to showcase a selection of plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables which are recognised as having nutritional benefits, healing properties or are used to aid relaxation.

These illustrations are taken from Natasha's preliminary work on this project.

This collection of 3 beautiful postcards includes each of the designs which are available to buy separately on our online shop, featuring Purple Carrots, White Echinacea and Globe Artichokes.

Each postcard comes with a brown paper envelope and has our logo as part of the design on the reverse. Send someone you love a piece of original artwork that has been created especially for Penny Brohn UK