Meditation Medallion - Sacral Chakra


Sacral Chakra - Sexuality, Physical Grace & Pleasure 

3cm diameter meditation stone with individual drawstring pouch.

These meditation medallions represent each of the seven chakras and are individually etched with the chakra signs. 

The word Chakra means "wheel" or "disk" in Sanskrit. Each chakra point is a spinning disk of energy interacting with numerus physiological and neurological systems in the body.  Traditionally there are 7 main chakras, each with its own vibrational frequency, and depicted through a specific colour starting at the base of your spine and moving up to the top or your head.

These simple, palm-sized charms make lovely gifts for people who enjoy yoga or reiki, to help enhance the sense of spiritual and physical wellbeing.

To aid focus, these medallions can be held during meditation or carried in your pocket.

As they are made from real stone they may have natural blemishes and each will be slightly dissimilar to the stone pictured.