Slippery Elm Tea - 80g

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Slippery elm bark can be a powerful aid for the stomach and intestines. To experience Slippery Elm benefits, a tea is made from the powdered bark. The inner bark of the slippery elm tree is harvested carefully - to avoid long-term damage to the tree. Then it is powdered. Once powdered, the slippery elm bark then can be mixed with water to make a glutinous drink which is a fantastic soothing agent to the whole digestive tract.

Slippery elm covers the stomach walls with a soothing 'mucilage', which assists the stomach in staying relaxed and digesting your food well. Together with a sound diet, slippery elm can be a great help in keeping you comfy after eating.

There are further benefits for the intestines - both small and large intestines. In this case, Slippery Elm will cover the insides of the intestines as it travels down them. This helps to calm and soothe the whole extent of the intestines. Many people swear by the good support slippery elm bark has given them.

Slippery Elm Powder makes a great tea. Just a teaspoon of the powdered bark makes a half a pint 250ml - of a thick, soothing drink which is wonderful for you.

This 80g tub of additive-free Slippery Elm Tea will last a long time as only a level teaspoonful is needed each time.

Take Slippery Elm Tea every day - or even three or even four times a day if you want to. Suitable for children, the elderly and the weak.